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Where & When Did You Discover Sagan?

You know, in the grand scheme of space and time, for whatever that's worth.

I was around four years old and it was PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) in New York, USA. I don't know if that's an absurd age (mind you I began reading X-men comics at nine), but I really liked science young and understood much of what he said through multiple viewings, remaining fascinated by the fundamental concepts running the universe to this day. Had I not known of him until older, I'm sure I probably would have still felt similar -- there's a kind of charisma and lack of pretense that attracts.

Later on I read that there were (are?) scientists who resented Carl Sagan for "popularizing" science, though I don't know a lot about that or understand why. At any rate, I thank him for betting that there just might be a child in a simple home somewhere who could be changed in positive ways by watching a television program in their living room.

Other than Mr. Sagan, who is a "popularized" scientist/astronomer that you admire?

Do you think any have managed, with respect, to fill Mr. Sagan's shoes?
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